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Papers & Patents

Publilshed Papers:

  • Monsalve, Raul A.; Greig, Bradley; Bowman, Judd D.; Mesinger, Andrei; Rogers, Alan E. E.; Mozdzen, Thomas J.; Kern, Nicholas S.; Mahesh, Nivedita, “Results from EDGES High-band. II. Constraints on Parameters of Early Galaxies,” 2018, ApJ, 863, 11M. (article)
  • Judd D. Bowman, Alan E. E. Rogers, Raul A. Monsalve, Thomas J. Mozdzen & Nivedita Mahesh, “An absorption profile centred at 78 megahertz in the sky-averaged spectrum,” Nature 555, (2018).
  • Monsalve, Raul A., Rogers, Alan E. E., Bowman, Judd D., Mozdzen, Thomas J., “Results from EDGES High-band. I. Constraints on Phenomenological Models for the Global 21 cm Signal,” 2017, ApJ, 847, 64M.(article)
  • Monsalve, Raul A., Rogers, Alan E. E., Bowman, Judd D., Mozdzen, Thomas J., “Calibration Of The Edges High-band Receiver To Observe The Global 21-cm Signature From The Epoch Of Reionization,”  2017, ApJ, 835, 45M.(article)
  • T. J. Mozdzen, J. D. Bowman, R. A. Monsalve, and A. E. E. Rogers , “Improved Measurement of the Spectral Index of the Diffuse Radio Background Between 90 and 190 MHz,” 2016, MNRAS, 464, 4995. (article)
  • T. J. Mozdzen, J. D. Bowman, R. A. Monsalve, and A. E. E. Rogers , “Limits on Foreground Subtraction from Chromatic Beam Effects in Global Redshifted 21 cm Measurements,” 2015, MNRAS, 455, 3890. (article)
  • Monsalve, Raul A., Rogers, Alan E. E., Mozdzen, Thomas J., Bowman, Judd D., “One-Port Direct/Reverse Method for Characterizing VNA Calibration Standards,” 2015, Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques, 64, 8, 2631. (article)
  • A. E. E. Rogers, J. D. Bowman, J. Vierinen, R. Monsalve, and T. Mozdzen, “Radiometric measurements of electron temperature and opacity of ionospheric perturbations,” 2014, Radio Science, 50, 130. (article)
  • S. Shambhulingaiah, L. T. Clark, T. J. Mozdzen, N. D. Hindman, S. Chella, and K. E. Holbert, “Temporal sequential logic hardening by design with a low power delay element,” in Proc. 12th Eur. Conf. Radiation and Its Effects on Components and Systems, Sep. 19–23, 2011, pp. 144–149.
  • B. Matush, T. Mozdzen, L. Clark and J. Knudsen, “Area-efficient temporally hardened by design flip-flop circuits,” IEEE Trans. Nucl Sci., vol. 57, no. 6, pp. 3588-35-95, Dec. 2010.
  • D. Singh, J. M. Rabaey, M. Pedram, F. Catthoor, S. Rajgopal, N. Sehgal, and T. J. Mozdzen, “Power conscious CAD tools and methodologies: A perspective,” Proc. of the IEEE, 83(4), pp. 570-593, 1995.


PhD Thesis:

  • T. Mozdzen, “Antenna Design and Foreground Characterization for Improved Detection of the Redshifted 21 cm Global Signature During the Epoch of Reionization,” 2017 (Thesis).


Presented Papers:

  • T. Mozdzen, J. Bowman, A. E. E. Rogers, R. Monsalve, “Preliminary Results of Spectral Index and Ionosphere Measurements with the EDGES Blade Antenna,” URSI, Jan 2016.
  • T. Mozdzen, J. Bowman, A. E. E. Rogers, R. Monsalve, “Evaluation of Terrestrial Sites for Global EOR Signal Detection via the RMS Error Metric of a Sky-Beam Convolution Polynomial Fit,” URSI, July 2015.
  • K. Zhu, J. Yong and T. Mozdzen, “Decoupling Capacitance Study and Optimization Method for High-Performance VLSIs,” 13th IEEE DDECS, pp. 388-392, 2010.
  • Mozdzen, T., et al., Panel Discussion: “Noise and Signal Integrity in Deep Submicron Design” Proc. 34th DAC, pp.720-721, 1997.
  • T. Mozdzen, “On-chip di/dt Noise Management Using Synergistic Die, Package, and Board Level Techniques,” Workshop on Low Voltage and Low Power Technologies, ASU, Tempe, Az., December 9, 1994.
  • T. Mozdzen, “Design Methodology for A 1.0 um Cell-Based Library Efficiently Optimized for Speed and Area,” Proc. of the IEEE International ASIC Conference and Exhibit, pp. P12-3.1–3.5, 1990.
  • Whiteside, R. Sittig, T. Mozdzen, “A Dual-Port 65 ns 64Kx4 DRAM with a 50 MHz Serial Output”, IEEE Intl. Solid State Circuits Conf., pp.48-49, Feb., 1986.
  • T. Mozdzen, J. Mize, “Thin-oxide Evaluation with the Fowler-Nordheim Characteristic,” IBM Dielectric Symposium, 1984.
  • Fisch, T. Mozdzen, G. Roberts, “The Effect of Entrapped Krypton 85 Gas upon Device Reliability,” IEEE IRPS, 1983. Received The “Outstanding Paper” Award.
  • Yu-Pin Han, J. Mize, T. Mozdzen, T. O’Keefe, J. Pinto, R. Worley, “Thin-oxide Evaluation with the Fowler-Nordheim Characteristic,” IEEE Intl. Electron Devices Meeting, 1982.



PAT. NO.      Title and Date

7,289,382     Rewritable fuse memory, Oct. 2007.

6,903,581     Output buffer for high and low voltage bus, June 2005.

6,512,401     Output buffer for high and low voltage bus, Jan. 2003

6,493,935     Interleaving a bondwire between two bondwires coupled to a same terminal, Mar. 2002.

6,440,770     Integrated circuit package, Mar. 2002.

6,266,793     JTAG boundary scan cell with enhanced testability feature, July 2001.

6,247,136     Method and apparatus for capturing data from a non-source synchronous component in a source synchronous environment, June 2001.

6,051,890     Interleaving a bondwire between two bondwires coupled to a same terminal, April 2000.

6,043,559     Integrated circuit package which contains two in plane voltage busses and a wrap around conductive strip that connects a bond finger to one of the busses, Mar. 2000.

6,031,283     Integrated circuit package, Feb. 2000.

6,020,631     Method and apparatus for connecting a bondwire to a bondring near a via, Feb. 2000.

5,787,575     Method for plating a bond finger of an integrated circuit package, Aug. 1998.

5,774,001     Method for eliminating multiple output switching timing skews in a source synchronous design, June 1998.

5,726,860     Method and apparatus to reduce cavity size and the bondwire length in three tier PGA packages by interdigitating the VCC/VSS, Mar. 1998.

5,723,995     Method for eliminating process variation timing skews in a source synchronous design, Mar. 1998.

5,706,484     Method for eliminating transition direction sensitive timing skews in a source synchronous design, Jan. 1998.

5,537,656     Method and apparatus for a microprocessor to enter and exit a reduced power consumption state, July 1996.